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Have you decided to take the plunge and join a choir? Have you always wanted to sing with others as a unit? Are you keen to contribute your unique vocal skills and sing alongside other vocal performers?

If you enjoy singing, enjoy music and enjoy singing with others, then joining a choir might suit your well, inspire you even. There is something transformative about singing in a choir, something emotionally stirring. Singing, however, is a very physical thing which should be enjoyed. Whether you sing in a church or a church hall, a cathedral or any venue which lends itself to choral music, there is a real sense of unity, companionship and camaraderie that goes with singing in a choir.

Are you looking for a choir to join?

If so, why not try The Mairi-O-Nettes? This choir, based in The Arts Depot in North Finchley, is run by Mairi Armstrong. As a choir our repertoire stretches from classical choral pieces to contemporary song arrangements barbershop, folk, and whatever takes the group’s collective fancy. To find out more about The Mairi-O-Nettes contact Mairi here.

Research has proved that choir members are more satisfied with their lot in life than those who play team sports. The camaraderie is still there, but, apparently, there’s nothing better for your happiness than contributing to a choir. Enjoy the music and enjoy the camaraderie with The Mairi-O-Nettes.