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The fun part of being a singer is finding a song you want to sing, breaking it down poetically and musically, working out how you want to sing it and then sharing it with an audience, whether a live one or through recording.

It therefore seems a shame not to learn how to use the voice safely so that all of this can happen and continue to happen for as long as possible. Any skill needs a good technique and all skills learned properly take time – there is no shortcut! This does not mean that while learning, a singer cannot perform and be really good!

The contemporary notion that only loud singing is impressive and good, is incredibly destructive – unfortunately we have been brainwashed! Loud is not necessarily musical or interesting and can very often lead to a short career. Surely individuality, beauty and musicality must be what we strive to achieve – and a long career!!

Thoughts from a Singer who Teaches

So much is written about singing technique and a lot of the information is contradictory and confusing. The problem is that we can’t teach ourselves to sing using the whole of our instrument. All of us need a second pair of ears so that we can stop listening to the sound we make and allow the teacher to do their job. This is probably one of the hardest things to do, but in the end the most liberating.

There has to therefore be tremendous trust between the teacher and student and that will not happen immediately, it does help if you like each other!

No matter what style of singing you are pursuing, the fundamental techniques are the same – and although simple, they take time to become a habit. So patience, practice and perseverence is necessary until that habit is formed. What is the point of having to think about what your instrument is doing when you are trying to interpret the words and music and share with an audience?