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The fun part of being a singer is finding a song you want to sing, breaking it down poetically and musically, working out how you want to sing it and then sharing it with an audience, whether a live one or through recording.

It therefore seems a shame not to learn how to use the voice safely so that all of this can happen and continue to happen for as long as possible. Any skill needs a good technique and all skills learned properly take time – there is no shortcut! This does not mean that while learning, a singer cannot perform and be really good!

The contemporary notion that only loud singing is impressive and good, is incredibly destructive – unfortunately we have been brainwashed! Loud is not necessarily musical or interesting and can very often lead to a short career. Surely individuality, beauty and musicality must be what we strive to achieve – and a long career!!

Thoughts from a Singer who Teaches

So much is written about singing technique and a lot of the information is contradictory and confusing. The problem is that we can’t teach ourselves to sing using the whole of our instrument. All of us need a second pair of ears so that we can stop listening to the sound we make and allow the teacher to do their job. This is probably one of the hardest things to do, but in the end the most liberating.

There has to therefore be tremendous trust between the teacher and student and that will not happen immediately, it does help if you like each other!

No matter what style of singing you are pursuing, the fundamental techniques are the same – and although simple, they take time to become a habit. So patience, practice and perseverence is necessary until that habit is formed. What is the point of having to think about what your instrument is doing when you are trying to interpret the words and music and share with an audience?

Singing Audition Techniques

Is your dream to be an international superstar or to land a place in a band, musical production or choir? Whatever your ambitions and the reason for the audition, be prepared. A successful audition will help you achieve your dream, whatever that might be, but your chances of success will be greatly reduced if you haven’t prepared properly.

Choosing an audition song or songs can be quite a tricky task. You need to choose a song that will show off your voice and your vocal abilities, it needs to fit the type of audition you’re going to and it needs to stand you out from the others who are auditioning. Make sure you know your audition song/s inside out. Try and make the song yours, and don’t attempt to sound like someone else. The importance of a little professional singing tuition is vital, as a singing teacher will focus on developing your voice – there’s no point in trying to sound like your favourite singer.

Be prepared, be personable, be presentable, and be enthusiastic. Passion for what you’re singing and for the type of music you will be singing if successful in your audition, is key.

Singing audition techniques are best studied and learned from a singing teacher, preferably one with knowledge of the musical genre you’re auditioning in. Mairi has experience of musical theatre, folk singing, classical and jazz singing and more.

Singing Teachers in Central London  

Are you keen to take up singing lessons? Has learning to sing always been something you’ve wanted to do? Perhaps you’d like to join a choir but would first like to improve your vocal abilities?

Learning how to sing properly and learning music performance skills can be a very rewarding experience. If you’re perhaps looking to pursue a singing career then it’s best to get started as early as possible.

Singing teachers will help you to develop your own natural voice, training all aspects of the voice including breathing techniques and control, pitch correction, range development, confidence, projection, articulation, expression and more. You’ll also be able to explore different genres and styles of music and singing, perhaps settling on one you like.

If you’re looking for singing teachers in Central London then Mairi is ideally-placed to offer you singing lessons and to help develop your voice and encourage your love of singing in a friendly and relaxed environment. If you’re looking to learn singing, regardless as to whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some experience, Mairi can teach, encourage and inspire.

 Classic Soprano Voice  

There’s nothing quite like a live band or a live vocal performance to liven up the festivities at a function or an event. Whether you’re holding a corporate event, a birthday party, a wedding reception, an engagement celebration or a charity function, a live vocal performance will be the heartbeat of your event – the entertainment that brings all your guests together.

Most of us enjoy the thrill and the electricity which comes from live music or live vocal performance, and a solo voice or a voice accompanied by an instrument makes for a wonderfully expressive and personal form of entertainment.

What’s the secret behind a good vocal performance? What is it about the classic soprano voice which holds the ear of an audience spellbound?

If anyone knows the answer, it’s Mairi Armstrong. Mairi is a professional singer with a classic soprano voice and a repertoire which covers the varying fields of opera, classical music, folk music and musical theatre.

Are you seeking a singer for your next event? A versatile performer, Mairi is available to sing at private events and corporate functions.

Scottish Songs

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing? Perhaps sing in a choir?

A part of learning how to sing is learning how to sing specific songs, so if there’s a genre of music you favour then this can come into play during your lessons. Perhaps you love folk tunes or Scottish songs? Whatever style and sound of music you appreciate, singing lessons with a teacher can combine your love of a particular type of music or style of singing with vocal training.

Mairi Armstrong is a Scottish soprano whose repertoire covers classical, folk and musical theatre. If you’re looking to learn singing, regardless as to whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some experience, Mairi can teach, encourage and inspire.

Singing lessons focus on a number of different aspects in order to not only train someone’s voice but also teach them how to perform in front of an audience. Lessons will look at breath control, confidence in performance and stage freight, pitch, tone and vocal expression.

Learning how to sing well is, and should be, a satisfying experience.

Singing Lessons in London

Are you looking to develop your singing abilities by taking up lessons?

An inspiring, competent and encouraging singing teacher should provide the best means of improving your vocal abilities and learning how to sing properly. A positive and encouraging teacher who tailors their lessons to your individual abilities is the best kind of teacher. If you want to sing with style, sing with confidence, and sing the types of songs you enjoy, then enlisting the services of a singing teacher who you gel with is the first step.

Singing lessons form only part of learning to sing. Professional tuition is very important, but it’s also important for the student to take what they’re learning from their teacher and use it in their own practice sessions. If you love to sing, you love to sing, so frequent practice shouldn’t be a chore. It’s your own practice sessions that can make all the difference in building strength in your voice and improving vocal control.

For those who want to develop their voice and enjoy their love of song and singing, singing lessons should prove to be a good investment and a fun and fulfilling enterprise, regardless as to whether you just want to sing for your own pleasure or qualify for any of the singing grades 1-8.

Top Singing Teachers – Mairi Armstrong

Singing is and always will be one of the most satisfying ways of expressing oneself. Many of us don’t like to sing, many of us do, but everyone can sing to a certain extent. If you’re keen to develop your voice and take up singing lessons then you’ll no doubt be looking to enlist the help of a professional singing teacher.

A desire to express yourself through song, enthusiasm and willingness to learn must be there from the outset if you are to progress with your voice. The mechanics of singing – good posture, tone, breathing control, vocal expression – can generally be taught. A musical ear, needed to ensure that you sing in the right pitch, can also be taught, but the process can be an involved one.

If you’re keen to take up singing in the hopes of one day turning professional, then a love of communicating a story through singing is required. Singing in public demands more than just singing – the singer needs to connect with their audience.

Remember: practice is imperative, but the rewards are very rewarding. Are you still looking for a singing teacher?

Singing Audition Techniques

Fact number one: the more you audition, the better you will become at it. This isn’t a very helpful fact, as even the most seasoned performers can still find auditioning to be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re auditioning to join a choir, a talent competition or the cast of a musical theatre production, the important thing is to be as well-prepared as possible.

When preparing for your audition it will help to follow some simple singing audition techniques before the big day:

  • Hire a singing teacher or vocal coach – a singing coach will be able to help you select a song that will showcase the best of your singing ability. A coach will help you to turn the song into a polished performance in which you achieve a good tone and accurate pitch throughout


  • Know the choir, show or competition that you’re applying for and choose a song that’s appropriate in style


  • If you’re auditioning for a choir, know whether or not the types of songs in the group’s repertoire are ones that you would enjoy singing


  • Do your research when it comes to audition requirements and prepare for each


  • Know your choir director’s goals for their choir and find out what they are trying to achieve from the audition – are they just looking to see what you can do or are they interested in finding out whether you have a specific set of skills?


  • Have a second audition piece prepared in case the judges don’t like your first selection

The most important thing is practice. Practice your audition piece. Practice in front of a mirror and a small test audience, if possible. Your goal should be to give the best performance you can give to the judges, and let your personality shine through your singing.




Have you decided to take the plunge and join a choir? Have you always wanted to sing with others as a unit? Are you keen to contribute your unique vocal skills and sing alongside other vocal performers?

If you enjoy singing, enjoy music and enjoy singing with others, then joining a choir might suit your well, inspire you even. There is something transformative about singing in a choir, something emotionally stirring. Singing, however, is a very physical thing which should be enjoyed. Whether you sing in a church or a church hall, a cathedral or any venue which lends itself to choral music, there is a real sense of unity, companionship and camaraderie that goes with singing in a choir.

Are you looking for a choir to join?

If so, why not try The Mairi-O-Nettes? This choir, based in The Arts Depot in North Finchley, is run by Mairi Armstrong. As a choir our repertoire stretches from classical choral pieces to contemporary song arrangements barbershop, folk, and whatever takes the group’s collective fancy. To find out more about The Mairi-O-Nettes contact Mairi here.

Research has proved that choir members are more satisfied with their lot in life than those who play team sports. The camaraderie is still there, but, apparently, there’s nothing better for your happiness than contributing to a choir. Enjoy the music and enjoy the camaraderie with The Mairi-O-Nettes.